Day 1 of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge and Motivational Monday

Hi there!  Welcome to HonkyTonk Fit where we’ll be talking about all things that make the complete person.  Whether it’s the physical (working out, eating well) or social (activities to do with friends) or even the random (Pottery Barn desks), you’ll find it here.

Since today is the first day of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, I decided today will also mark my first post.

As you can probably guess, I am a CrossFitter (shout outs to my box, which will remain anonymous until I get to know you, my readers, better).  I decided to partake in this challenge to really force myself to finally think about what I am eating and to try to eat cleaner.  So far, day 1 was a success.  I didn’t cheat once.  Even though I am lean and toned, the one physical change I would like to see (besides bigger biceps) is more definition in my abs.  I have the beginnings of a 6-pack that I would like to finish.  My CrossFit goals are to break 100 lbs on all exercises I haven’t broken 100 lbs on (push press, snatch, overhead squat, squat clean) and get my toes to the bar for toes to bar.

Before I get ahead of myself, I realize that a lot of the CrossFit terminology sounds like jibberish.  If there’s something you don’t know, please post your questions/comments in the comments section.  I will reply to all of them.

Not only is today the first day of the Paleo Challenge, it is also a Monday.  I don’t know about you, but for me, Mondays are the hardest day of the week.  I work a traditional 9-5 job (the bills need to be paid) that has me sitting at a desk all day.  Not exactly my favorite thing.  To wake up and get out of bed on Monday mornings, I need a little extra motivation.  That said, every Monday will be Motivational Monday.  My motivation is my dog needs to go out.

What helps you get out of bed in the morning?  Please tell me.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

Here’s to next time!

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