Another Week 1 Highlight – Paleo-Friendly Bars

Missed a highlight: Larabars are absolutely delicious and paleo-friendly (as long as you stay away from the bars with chocolate or peanuts).  They make for great grab-and-go snacks and are perfect to bring along if you’re flying.  I’ve been eating the Cashew Cookie bars as a dessert, even though they’re nowhere near as sweet and tasty as chocolate chip cookies or brownies.  (Tempting, but no, I will not cheat.)  They are not very sticky if you want to eat them without the wrapper holding the rest of the bar.  They also don’t make crumbs.

If you live in the tri-state area like me, I found Whole Foods has the best prices ($1.29/bar, $9.99/box on sale this week for $8.99) and Fairway ($1.49/bar) has the largest assortment of flavors.


Another paleo-friendly bar is the AMRAP Nutrition bar.  These are much more filling and higher in protein; however, I don’t find them to be quite as tasty.  They are very dry and have a weird after taste to them.  I do have several friends who like them, though.  More power to my friends!


Do you eat Larabars?  Leave your favorite flavor in the comments.

(These reviews are my own, totally uncompensated opinions. The products featured here were purchased by me at Whole Foods, Fairway, and the AMRAP Nutrition website, on my own dime. Hooray for impulse buys!)

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