Sick Days

Let’s start this post off with a question:

What factors determine whether or not you take a sick day?  Do you call out of work for a simple cold or only for a full-blown flu?

Yesterday, I woke up and my throat was killing me.  Thankfully, I was sleeping over at my parents’ house with Finn (shower issues at my place, don’t ask).  When I told my father I wasn’t feeling well, he took the flashlight on my phone to check my throat.  He said stay home and call the doctor; there’s white stuff on my tonsils.  So I called the doctor’s office when they opened at 9 am and was fortunate to make a same-day appointment with my doctor.  She took one look at my tonsils and said, “Wow!  That’s pretty bad.  Looks like strep.”  She took a strep culture, which confirmed it.  I started Amoxicillin last night.  I took today off as well.  Strep is contagious and I have no energy.  I haven’t had strep since high school!

Are you prone to strep and when was the last time you had it?

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