Hey everyone!  My apologies for the delay between posts.

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the Paleo Challenge and the first day of the fifth week.  The food side of the challenge gets easier as each week passes, so long as I am cooking my own food and not going out to eat.  The endurance part of the WODs is also getting easier; I am finding that I am able to push through the effort and complete the WOD before the time cap hits.  I may not be doing the most challenging level of the WODs (they are posted in 3 levels: Level 3 is the most challenging, Level 2 is less challenging, and Level 1 is the least challenging), but I am completing the WODs at L2 and finishing them.  I’m excited to see my progress when we repeat the first three WODs.

Some other observations:

  • Raisins make everything better – I started adding them to Cousin E’s Banana Bread and it makes the bread much more moist (I’ll post the recipe in the next day or two).  I’ve also started adding them to the baggies of cashews and almonds I put together (a handful of each in a Ziplok).
  • Grilled chicken is not as plain as one would expect – I was in Dallas last week for work and my co-workers wanted lunch from Chick-fil-A.  I figured the Grilled Market Salad would be a safe bet.  Boy, was I wrong.  The ingredients from their website: “seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, spices, paprika]” (and that’s just what’s added to the chicken).  It was a good thing I brought my own breaded chicken and fruit with me.  (Whataburger’s grilled chicken is even worse.)
  • One can spend quite a bit of money when only buying produce, fresh meat, fresh fish, and almond flour.  I dropped $200 at Fairway last week and even had a $5 off a $30+ purchase Google Offer with me.
  • It took two months to drop three pounds when before that it took a year to drop five.
  • 10 days of antibiotics couldn’t have ended quickly enough; but, they are finally over.  No more clock watching to make sure I don’t miss a dose.
  • Treats bought for oneself make good rewards.  Whenever I teach a cycling class, I always throw in a motivating or inspiring quote; a habit I borrowed from one of my favorite instructors.  Two Saturdays ago, the quote I used (which I cannot seem to find) had something to do with recognizing the steps and progress you’ve made toward reaching your goal.  So far, each week I’ve treated myself to some online shopping.  Perhaps it was a new pair of Nano’s as Finn ate my last pair or products I needed to replace from Sephora or clothes from Banana Republic (that don’t fit) or a year-long subscription to Birchbox.  Each shipment comes with a personalized note to myself congratulating myself on a job well done and for getting through another week.
  • The hash I made the other day with chicken is a lot better with ground turkey.  Change nothing except swap ground turkey for the ground chicken.  My house smelled like Thanksgiving while it cooked.

Completely off-topic: Pickup trucks have a very limited turning radius but are so much fun to drive!  This was my rental down in Dallas:


This monster was pretty difficult to park straight.  The first time I managed to was quite the accomplishment:


And finally, for some cuteness, Finn doesn’t like it when I have to pack.  Thankfully, going to Dallas for just one night allowed me to bring my laptop bag and a gym bag. 

yoga on the run duffel | women's bags | lululemon athletica

Oh, you wanted the picture of Finn?  Here you go…she’s sleeping on top of my gym bag.


Tell me, what’s going on with you?  How do you celebrate achieving your goals or making strides towards full achievement?

Until next time, my HonkyTonk Fitters.

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