On a Mission

“I’m on a mission, I got a cause…”

Oh hello there!  I have Trick Pony’s song I’m on a Mission stuck in my head because I am on a mission.  (It’s the video in the post below.)

Think back to my first post when I said we’d be talking about random stuff like Pottery Barn desks.  Well, that is the desk I have and it’s total mess:


Maybe it isn’t so bad because I’ve been working on it for a few days before I took this picture.  But it’s still pretty bad, at least by my standards.  You see, ever since high school (or maybe middle school), I’d get these random bouts of OCD when my desk was too much of a mess for me to get any work done.  I’d spend 1-2 hours just organizing and cleaning up before I’d be able to start my homework and studying.  This is taking a bit more time than that because there is a lot more to put away.  I was living here for over a year by the time I finally invested in a desk that stuff has just been accumulating for too long.  It’s a wonder how I managed to pay my bills on time.

Anyway, my mission is to put everything in it’s place and give myself room to work, which will also allow me room to think.  This will also clear my nightstands of their piles of papers and magazines and other junk and make my bedroom a more peaceful, stress-less place.  I figure once I get the house organized, I can get the rest of my life organized as well.

Tell me, how do you get organized?

On a side note, tomato sauce and sweet potatoes do not mix.

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