10 Days

With 10 days left to go, those of us doing the Paleo Challenge are in the final stage.  During this time we’re re-doing the first 3 WODs to see how our time has improved.  WOD 1, 6 weeks ago, was brutal.  It had an 18-minute time cap and it was a total of 252 reps:


Wall balls using the 14-lb medicine ball and hitting a 9-ft target

Dead lifts using a 75-lb barbell

20-inch box jumps

In the picture below, my time during the first week is in blue.  It took me a full hour to recover enough to drive home.  After the round of 15, I was ready to walk out.  I didn’t think I’d finish as it took me over 4 minutes to get through the first round.  But I finished with one minute and 26 seconds to spare.

We re-did this WOD again last night.  Being on antibiotics and tired, I thought I wouldn’t complete it.  Instead, I shaved 2 minutes and 1 second off my time (the time in green in the picture below).

Do you eat clean?  Have you noticed that your performance has improved since you started eating cleaner?

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