Project Productivity

On Wednesday at work I had a big project to tackle for which I did not need access to a computer.  This project of auditing bills had been put off for so long (maybe 1-2 weeks) that the stack of bills grew to be about 18 inches tall and weigh at least 20 lbs.  It was an awful lot of paper!

Anyway, I knew that if I stayed at my desk along with my phone and my laptop, I would be incredibly distracted and not be able to finish the audit.  So I took the bills, a highlighter, a pen, a stapler and extra staples, a stack of Post-It notes, a box of envelopes, a mug of coffee, a bottle of water, my cell phone, my iPod, and earphones and went into our conference room.  I put up an out of office message in Outlook that told co-workers where I was and provided my cell phone number for anything that was urgent and time sensitive.  The away message told everyone else that I was completing a project and away from my computer.  I sat with my back to the closed door and turned the music up just loud enough so I couldn’t hear the door open.  I was in the zone and focused on getting through the stack of bills.  I began at 11 am and ended 6 hours later at 5 pm.  But it worked.

What do you do when you have a big project to tackle and don’t want to be interrupted?

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