Presents on Pinterest

Now that Chanukah is in full swing and Christmas is less than a month away, let’s talk presents and wishlists.

I got Finn a Chanukah present.  Kong (the parent company behind this non-destructible toy) created a ball that squeaks and is also nearly non-destructible.  I gave that to Finn the first night of Chanukah and she is loving it.  It’s the green version of this ball.

Sometimes, I’ll get myself a Chanukah present.  This year it was finally getting my piano tuned.  Most of the time, I’ll see things and say to myself, “Oh!  That would be a perfect Chanukah present!” and I’ll create a mental wishlist.  This year, I started a Pinterest board for that wishlist.

Item 1: a winter coat.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be this one from Patagonia,  but I would like one that is down and WARM!  The winter coat I have is a few years old and totally dilapidated.

A winter coat: Patagonia Women's Fiona Parka (in black or navy)

Item 2: Time with a personal shopper.  Some time ago, my stepmom took me shopping with a friend of hers who is a personal shopper. My perfect gift would be more time with her and a gift card with which to buy new clothes and such.  I scheduled time with the friend between Christmas and New Year’s to go through and clean out everything in my closet, like my own personal episode of What Not To Wear.

Item 3: A gift card to Lululemon.  Between all of the WODs I do and the Spinning classes I take and the Spinning class I teach, I think enough has been said.

Item 4:  A pre-paid 90-min to 2-hour massage.  Deep tissue or sports massage preferably.

Do you buy holiday gifts for your pets?  What’s on your wishlist?  Add your pins to my board here:  If for some reason Pinterest won’t let you pin, leave your e-mail address in the comments so I can invite you to the board.  Or just leave a comment with your wishlist.

Happy Chanukah!

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