I don’t believe in them and I don’t make them.  People set them, keep them for a month, then drop them.  Yes, I believe the new year with all of its symbolism is a good time to make changes that better oneself and to set goals, but not make resolutions.

I met my friend M. for brunch on Christmas Day.  As we walked to the subway afterwards, she asked what my goals are for 2014.  I told her I want to find love; I’m ready to find love.  When I questioned her why a goal and not a resolution, she said resolutions don’t stick, goals do.

In response to my last post on Reflections, M. e-mailed me: “U are really out with the old and in with the new.“  To continue in that vein, remember my holiday wish list post where I talked about time with a personal shopper?  On Monday night, I brought five garbage bags of clothing and a suitcase filled with shoes to her house.  I came home with two garbage bags and three fewer pairs of shoes.  The new year is the perfect time for change and one of the biggest changes I am making is improving my wardrobe.

So, dear readers, I wish you only the best in 2014.  May you achieve your goals and better yourselves.  Tell me, what are your goals and what changes do you wish to make this year?

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