A CrossFit Competition

After last week’s excitement of getting e-mail and Twitter up and running, I have been MIA.  For a good reason, though: I was preparing for my first CrossFit competition that took place this past weekend.  My normal workout routine is WOD Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings and work out with Trainer J one-on-one on Saturdays.  Leading up to the competition I did the WODs on Monday (lighter weight, more reps) and Wednesday (don’t go heavy, no need to PR a 1 RM).  I went for a 90-minute massage Thursday night and dragged an amazing friend to dinner Friday night to make sure I ate something.

The competition itself was a disaster (space too small for the number of people, so-called “organizers” who did not know a thing about organization, no stretching/warm-up area, etc.); but, I learned a lot in the process:

  • There’s no such thing as being over-prepared.  Bring the extra water bottle.  Bring too much food.  And make sure you bring your own roll of toilet paper.
  • Rest days?  A MUST.  As are massages more frequent than once every six months.
  • Shorts with a 2-inch inseam are not made for burpees; yet, they will help you PR your power clean (115 lbs.  Yeah baby!).
  • You can do things you once thought you would never do.  (Me?  Lift a barbell??  Are you crazy????)
  • Your parents may surprise you by coming out and supporting you without a negative word when they you used to tell you that your muscles and heavy lifting were the reason you were single.
  • You learn who your true friends are when you injure yourself: Trainer J. for letting me cry on his stomach in pain; my fellow CrossFitter J for running to me as soon as he saw me go down and helping me return to our group; and my fellow CrossFitter D for taking care of me while I was icing my nose and for insisting on then following me home.
  • The CrossFit community is truly inspiring.  We applaud and scream louder for the last person to finish than for the first.  We go silent when a competitor falls flat on her face and fist bump her after she finishes.  We root for every competitor even though they are competing against us and us against them.

Thank you for your patience as my swollen and slightly black and blue nose heals.  I will post the next recipe tomorrow.

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