Vacation Prep: Sunglass Hunt

I have a dilemma.  I’m going on vacation with Boyfriend D and his family and I need sunglasses.  The sunglasses I currently own are about five or six years old.  They are prescription lenses (I have issues with distance and I will not wear contacts) from Costco in a Louis Vuitton frame (no biggie…I’m not much of one for brands).  They don’t really fit my face very well:

I have seen these Ray-Bans on a number of blogs and I love them.  I tried them on and they looked terrible on me.  The “tear-drop” of the aviator lens is not flattering on my face.

However, when I went to Sunglass Hut on the day my laptop had issues, I found a pair of aviators that did not have the “tear-drop” but flattened out at the bottom.  I also discovered that I need the smaller diameter lens (55 or 56 mm instead of 58 or 59 mm).   I ended up buying these cockpit-style in the solid color (gray) mirror lens:

Unfortunately, I did not realize I bought the glasses with the bigger lens.  The lenses also aren’t prescription.  Thankfully, Ray-Ban has a 45-day return policy and offers free returns.  Otherwise, the glasses look really good:

Resolution: Bring the sunglasses on vacation and return them when I get home.  When I have my next eye doctor appointment in September, I’ll get my doctor to write a prescription so I can get new sunglasses with prescription lenses.  And I’ll probably get them from Costco.

*As an aside, the Ray-Ban website offers a virtual mirror that is pretty neat.  It uses your webcam to take video of your face and you can “try on” the different sunglasses in “real-time.”  My issue with it is the true aviators looked good on me.  It wasn’t until I was in the store and smiling that I realized my cheeks hit the bottom of the lenses and giggling was uncomfortable.

Do you have a summer vacation planned?  Where are you headed and how do you prepare?

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