Vacation Prep: Finn

Dear Fitters, I must apologize for my long absence.  My too long absence.  I have missed you and I have missed writing.  Let’s play catch up.

When we last met, I was getting ready to go on vacation and told you about my issues finding sunglasses.  I ended up keeping the Ray-Bans I bought.  I didn’t tell you about any of my other vacation prep, which I had meant to do.  Since I’m in the midst of my work traveling season, what better time than now?

You all know I have a dog and probably wonder, “What do you do with Finn when you go away?”  Luckily, a former neighbor recommended a very sweet, nurturing woman who lives two minutes away as a dog sitter.  I bring Finn to her house the night before along with all of her toys, a letter with important phone numbers (you know: grandma & grandpa, the vet), her treats, and Ziploc baggies of pre-packaged meals.

Yes, I am that person who measures out my dog’s meals and puts each meal in its own bag.  I know how much my dog eats for breakfast and dinner and don’t want to run the risk of her eating too little or too much, the latter being the more likely case.  I also am particular about my dog’s diet.  Finn doesn’t eat any grains or unnatural products.  Her food is Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato and her treats are Blue Wilderness Grain Free Salmon Biscuits.

When my sitter wasn’t available one weekend last December, I had to use a back-up sitter who also came highly recommended.  She laughed when I told her I measure out my dog’s meals beforehand and questioned why I wouldn’t let her feed Finn whatever dog food she had lying around.  When I went to pick Finn up after that long weekend in Ohio, Finn could not wait to get out of that house.  Needless to say, I haven’t used her again.

To answer the back-up sitter’s question about her food, though: When I first picked up Finn and brought her home from the foster mom in Connecticut…I never showed you that picture?  It’s one of my favorite’s!  Cousin E took it as I was driving:

As I was saying, Finn had the worst dandruff when I first brought her home.  We finished up the dog food the foster sent me home with.  I don’t remember the brand exactly; but, it was one of those everyday commercial ones like Purina.  Cousin E suggested I put Finn on a grain-free diet and within two days, the dandruff was gone.  Now she has the softest, silkiest fur that I could pet for hours.

Vacation took me to Aruba with Boyfriend D and his family.  We dropped Finn off at the sitter the night before we left.  The sitter was leaving on her vacation the day we came home.  My stepmom, aka Grandma to Finn, picked her up the day before.  When we came home, Boyfriend D and I dropped off our luggage and went to pick Finn up.  I smile now, on the plane to Dallas, looking forward to coming home tomorrow for her greeting.

During my longer work trips, like the one last week that took me to Jacksonville, FL, after a day in Charlotte, NC, and had me away for 4 days, Finn stays with the sitter.  For those that are just one night, like this one to Texas, Boyfriend D stays over and takes care of her.  I hate seeing both sets of their sad puppy eyes when I walk out the door; but, I know the kisses I’m going to get from both of them tomorrow that makes it all worth it.

Tell me, Dear Fitters, what do you do with your pet(s) when you go away?

Also, Instagram account for Finn – yay or nay?

(As an aside, I receive no reimbursement for any reviews or links I may post.)

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