A Very Paleo Yom Kippur

Every year, usually in September, sometimes in October, the countdown to Yom Kippur comes around.  Considering I eat all day long, I usually dread Yom Kippur and the 25-hour fast that comes with it.  I love the meaning that surrounds the holiday and the traditions and time with family, but I could do without the fast. 

This year, Yom Kippur fell in the middle of the third week of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge.  What in the world was I going to eat on Friday night that would keep me full for 25 hours?  In the past, I would have matzah ball soup and mashed potatoes and load up on carbs and grains.  By the middle of the holiday, I would be starving.  I thought I needed the grains to help keep me full.

I was very wrong.

My awesome stepmom made the dinner you see below.  Instead of matzah ball soup or plain chicken broth (filling at the time of the meal, not really going to keep you full the next day), she began with zucchini soup.  Then the rest came out: sweet potato fries, roast,  Brussels sprouts, and fried rice made from cauliflower.  For dessert, she made red-wine poached apples.  Everything had so much flavor and tasted so delicious and was so filling.

So that 25-hour fast?  Piece of cake.  I was not hungry at all during the day.  The protein and vegetables kept me comfortably full and satisfied.  I did not feel sick after dinner like I normally do.  The only thing…I was thirsty allllll day Saturday and that is probably attributable to the seasoning (salt) on the food.

When it was finally time to break the fast, my family has a tradition of going to the H family’s house.  This year I represented the family as my father was sick at home with a 102 fever and my stepmom didn’t want to leave him alone.  The break fast had your traditional break fast foods: bagels, challah, cream cheese, white fish salad, pasta salad, lox, sable, white fish, noodle kugel.  I was very limited and ate some of the lox, sable, and white fish.  For dessert, they put out a fruit platter along with all of the “good” stuff I couldn’t eat.  I ended filling up on fruit.  I did not realize how hungry I was until I started eating.

Tell me, Fitters, how do you prepare for a fast and then break it when you’re paleo?

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