Writer’s Block: NYC with J and A

It’s 9:45 pm here in New York and I’m lying in bed with my laptop.  Finn is curled up in her favorite spot, watching a Hallmark Channel movie on DVR and I cannot figure out what to write about.  I spent the afternoon/evening in New York City today with my friends J and A, whom I have known since high school.  We get together at least once per season to eat (usually brunch or dinner) and do something semi-cultural.  Today we went to the Hispanic Society of Museum (great if you’re uptown and have 45 minutes to kill) and ate at Le Monde (delicious and reasonably priced).  We drank tea and paleo chocolate chip orange scones Boyfriend D made following the recipe from Elana’s Pantry (we subbed clementine zest for orange zest).  I’m thinking of adding a few clementine wedges to the batter next time.  The recipe will probably also work really well with lemon zest or lime zest, depending on your citrus preference.  J took the extra scones home with her and A commented she would never have known they were gluten free if I didn’t say so.

How was your Sunday?  I will have a more substantial post next week.  After finally finding a groove, I didn’t want to miss a post.  Until next time, Fitters.

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