The End

Dear Fitters,

Thank you for putting up with my delay.  Since yesterday marked the end of the 2014 2014 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, let’s talk about that.

The good:

  • I have made progress like never before.  I was hitting PRs left and right throughout the month of October: 13 double-unders in a row; first unassisted pull-up WOD; 125-lb 1 rep max hang clean.
  • My body measurements have changed in a ways I didn’t think they would: lost 1 ¼ inches in both my waist and chest, gained 1 inch in my hips, lost ¼ inch in one thigh and ½ an inch in the other (they’re even now), and lost ½ an inch in both arms.  Trainer J attributed the loss of arm size to burning off whatever fat is (was) left.  And my abs?  I took a selfie (that you won’t be seeing).
  • Keeping paleo is EASY!  You need to be creative and willing to experiment in the kitchen and constantly mix up what you’re eating.  The way CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movement, what we eat should be constantly varied as well.

The bad:

  • Will I continue PRing or will I plateau?

The ugly:

  • I want to keep paleo pretty strictly now that the challenge has ended.  What is the easiest way of doing this without falling down the steep slippery vertical slope that is a cheat or non-paleo dish?

This year’s challenge was by far easier than last year’s challenge.  I set a schedule of cooking on Sunday evenings so I would have a refrigerator full of meals for lunch and snacks.  I kept bags of pre-torn kale (you can find it at Trader Joe’s) on hand to make kale chips for snack every morning. 

I enjoyed this year’s WODs a lot more than last year’s.  This year’s WODs just made sense.  They didn’t try to do too much but were just enough.  My favorite was the infinity ladder of squat cleans and pull-ups.  This was the very first time I did a WOD with unassisted pull-ups.  Trainer J gave me a goal of 5 rounds…I got 6.

During the challenge, I had no problems keeping strictly paleo.  My one craving, randomly, was for cheese.  I made a spaghetti squash baked ziti to satisfy that craving.  The addition of small amounts of cheese is probably the only thing I will add back to my diet.

Did you take part in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge?  What did you think of it?  Did you see enormous results?  How will you be keeping paleo now that the challenge is over?

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