I don’t know if you realized this, but I finally fell into a pattern of posting every Sunday.  Just as I settle into a groove, life gets in the way of a post every Sunday.  First it was my afternoon in New York City with J & A, then it was my trip to Ohio, which pushed my post to Monday.  Five days after I returned from Ohio, I flew to California.  I came home the next day on the red-eye.  Thankfully, that did not disturb my posting schedule.  The week before Thanksgiving Boyfriend D and I made ribs and cauliflower “tater” tots.  Last week, Boyfriend D and I were at my parents’ beach house when my cousin from California texted me, which also pushed the normal post to Monday.  Again.

Today’s plan with Boyfriend D was to decorate his Christmas tree/Hanukah bush with a side of grocery shopping, brunch at our local BareBurger, and a home-cooked dinner.  I was in the midst of peeling my sweet potatoes and pre-heating my oven when my Skype began to ring.  It was my 7th grade cousin asking for math help.  Between helping her, talking to my aunt, and making roasted sweet potatoes/a broccoli-mushroom frittata/pan-fried halloumi with lima beans, peas, and mint/zucchini chocolate chip muffins, it was nearly 11 pm when I sat down with my laptop.

For my fellow bloggers, how do you manage a full-time job, your posts, and a social life?

For all of my Fitters, do you like Sunday posts or would you rather see something else?

Don’t be shy and talk to me!

Until next time, here’s a picture of our tree:

(My BareBurger and Elana’s Pantry suggestions are based on my own, totally uncompensated opinions. I eat at BareBurger on my own dime (or Boyfriend D’s) and adore Elana’s recipes.)

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