Cheating: Is It Ever Okay?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about cheating since the New England Patriots have been in the news all week.  First, there were the allegations about cheating and then there was the confirmation that they cheated.  (If you live under a rock, you can catch up here: Essentially, the Patriots were accused of using under-inflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts last weekend.)  This isn’t the first time they cheated: Back in 2007, Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 for spying on the New York Jets to learn their defensive signals.  If the punishment history repeats itself, the NFL will fine the team and/or take away draft picks.  To guarantee you’ll make it to the Super Bowl and your only punishment for cheating is a lost draft pick and a fine that doesn’t make a dent in your overall operating expenses, would you cheat?

Let’s brainstorm – when/how/why do people cheat?

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Apps I Am Obsessed With

As the pouring rain continues to pound on my roof and I wait for a pot of quinoa to come to a boil, my cellphone dinged.  “‘Boyfriend D’ didn’t answer correctly.  It’s your turn!”  Trivia Crack was calling my name.  Do you play Trivia Crack?  Tell me it isn’t absolutely addicting!  If you haven’t heard of it, Trivia Crack is just that.  It’s a game you have to play against another actual person that’s kind of like Trivia Pursuit.  You “spin” a wheel and one of six categories comes up: art, geography, science, history, sports, and entertainment.  The 7th spot on the wheel is a crown, where you choose the category.  If you answer correctly, you get the crown.  You need all 6 crowns to win (there is one for each category).  So how do you get a crown if you don’t land on it?  After 3 consecutive spins that don’t land on a crown, your 4th question is worth a crown.

Originally, I had no idea what to write about tonight.  Then my cellphone dinged and with it came an a-ha moment.  I’ll write about the apps I am obsessed with on my phone.  To start, I have an iPhone 5S with iOS 7.

Hang on…my quinoa is boiling.

quinoa (2)

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Goals: A Check-In

Last week, I wrote about my goals for this year.  I’ve been doing some reflection on them and realized that the Health category doesn’t have to refer just to doctors and annual check-ups, as it does for M.  Health, for me, refers to anything that keeps me healthy, including working out and eating right.  That said, here is my addendum:


  • WOD 3 times per week – With the holidays (aka Christmas and New Year’s Day) falling on Thursdays and the Eves falling on Wednesdays, my CrossFit WOD schedule got completely messed up.  Combine that with getting sick the first full week of January, and I realize my last WOD was the Monday before New Year’s Day.  This is a big problem for me.  So, my CrossFit WOD goal for this year is to get back on track and get my tush into the box 3 days every week.  This can be some combination like Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Monday/Tuesday/Thursday.  Whatever it is, 3 days.  Saturdays are always reserved for Trainer J and Sundays have always been and will always be my rest days.

Now, for the Goals 2015 Check In:

  • Nails – I haven’t done them yet.  I removed last week’s nail polish yesterday.  I was going to attempt to do them today, but Boyfriend D and I spent the afternoon and evening in NYC.  For Chanukah, he got me tickets to see If/Then with Idina Menzel and we enjoyed our matinee.  (Go see If/Then before it closes March 22.  The show was fantastic and Idina Menzel is amazing.  Have you heard her sing Defying Gravity from Wicked?  The woman has pipes.)  We went to dinner at Quality Meats afterward (So.  Much.  Delicious.  Food.).  Maybe tomorrow night after the WOD?
  • Sleep – Yes!  I’ve been setting my alarm clock based on what time I crawl into bed and I have been getting my sleep!  Woo-hoo!
  • Time in the morning/dressing better for work – Sort of.  Having whatever this was (bad cold?  mild flu?) was miserable.  I did the best I could feeling so under the weather.
  • Finn – Another resounding yes!  I’ve been making time on Saturday mornings before my session with Trainer J.  I had her at the dog park in the bitter cold for an hour yesterday where she ran around with 2 huskies.  I wish I had gotten video of her keeping up with the bigger dogs, every muscle in her body rippling.
  • Organized house – I’m working on it.  This will always be a work in progress.
  • Work – Both of these are also works in progress, especially as I was ailing all week.
  • Social – I have dinner in NYC with B on Thursday.
  • Must To Do’s – Nothing yet.

Tell me, dear Fitters, what are your goals for 2015 and how are you doing at keeping them?

Goals: The 2015 Version

Happy New Year!

I don’t believe in making resolutions; I believe in setting goals.  As M said last year, “resolutions don’t stick; goals do.”  While we’re on the topic of last year: My goal for 2014 was to find love (insert snarky rom-com/Patti Stanger comment here).  Goal accomplished.  In February, Boyfriend D asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been together ever since.

M and I met up on New Year’s Day and spoke about this year’s goals.  Before meeting M, I had come up with a handful of personal goals.  She showed me she breaks up her goals into 4 categories: Personal, Work, Social, and Health.  She also creates a Must To Do list of things that must get done that year.  I added these categories to my goals.

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