Visiting the Surface

Let me begin by apologizing.  It has been way too long since I’ve given you a quality post and I feel really bad about being so MIA.

Since we last met, my laptop ran out of memory.  A little window kept popping up on my screen saying my memory was running low.  I tried opening a jpeg for work and Windows Media Viewer told me there wasn’t enough space to open the picture.

This was my at home office setup.

This was my at home office setup.

The IT guys convinced me to get a Surface, from where I am writing to you now.

Oh my goodness, there is such a learning curve!  Between learning the Surface, which is more tablet than laptop, and learning Windows 8, I still haven’t fully gotten the hang of this thing.  The IT guys were able to install an app so that instead of having the Surface/tablet screen, I have a traditional Start menu.  This helps tremendously because of that whole comfort zone thing.

comfort zone

The Surface also comes with an external keyboard and trackpad mouse, which makes typing posts a lot easier than using the touchscreen keyboard on the screen.  The trackpad mouse also prevents fingerprints on the screen.  The trackpad has its own learning curve because I prefer the “nipple” mouse and have had one since my first laptop back in college.

See that red dot?  That's a nipple mouse.  (Picture taken from

See that red dot? That’s a nipple mouse. (Picture taken from

My biggest/only complaint with the Surface is the reflectiveness of the screen.  At work, I sit with a window behind me.  Even with the blinds closed, plenty of light still streams in.  I can see each and every flyaway strand of hair in my reflection.  The IT guys ordered an anti-glare/anti-reflection screen cover that I hope helps.  Having to see through or see around my reflection has made me very dizzy and light-headed work, a poor combination for productivity.

All in all, I like the tablet.  Writing posts is so much easier on the go, now.  Have you tried typing on an iPad screen?  Ugh.

My new office setup at work with the Surface.

My new office setup at work with the Surface.

Tell me, dear Fitters, do you have a Surface?  What do you think?

Authors Note: Microsoft and Apple have absolutely nothing to do with this post.  These are my own ungarnished views.  I have received nothing in return for this post.

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