36 Hours (Not Even) in Disney World

Several months ago, Boyfriend D’s family decided to take a long weekend to celebrate Pi-Day in Disney World.  They decided to go Friday through Monday.  Boyfriend D and I didn’t want to take any time off work so we flew down Friday night on the 6:50 pm flight and came back this morning on the 10:30 flight.  By the time we checked into the hotel (about 11 pm) and checked out (about 8 am), we spent less than 36 hours in Disney.

We stayed at the Contemporary, a Magic Kingdom resort on Bay Lake with its own beach volleyball court.

1 - Bay Lake

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Random Ramblings

There’s nothing worse than having Writer’s Block.  Yes, Writer’s Block deserves capital letters.  I get frustrated when I feel like I have nothing to write about.  Please give me topics for posts you want to see here.

To fill space tonight, here are some things on my mind:

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Coming Home: A Tribute to Pat Conroy in Prose

I met Pat Conroy the summer before I started 9th grade, the summer before I started high school.  The required reading for everyone going into Honors English 9 was The Great Santini.  I was the only person in my class to love the book; I could not put it down.  As I read Mr. Conroy’s words, I watched the movie in my head, and not the one starring Robert Duvall and Blythe Danner; in fact, I have not seen any of the movie versions of Mr. Conroy’s books.

great santini

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