36 Hours (Not Even) in Disney World

Several months ago, Boyfriend D’s family decided to take a long weekend to celebrate Pi-Day in Disney World.  They decided to go Friday through Monday.  Boyfriend D and I didn’t want to take any time off work so we flew down Friday night on the 6:50 pm flight and came back this morning on the 10:30 flight.  By the time we checked into the hotel (about 11 pm) and checked out (about 8 am), we spent less than 36 hours in Disney.

We stayed at the Contemporary, a Magic Kingdom resort on Bay Lake with its own beach volleyball court.

1 - Bay Lake

2 - beach

After the character breakfast at Chef Mickey’s for Boyfriend D’s nephew, we spent the day at Epcot.

3 - golf ball

Boyfriend D’s sister got us all FastPasses so we wouldn’t have to wait on lines.  Our first ride was Spaceship Earth, inside the giant golf ball.  Without the FastPass, we would have had to wait about an hour.  Totally worth it.

After Spaceship Earth we had about an hour and a half before our next FastPass ride, The Seas with Nemo & Friends.  The FastPass wasn’t worth it for this ride as the wait was only 15 minutes.  This ride is better for the much younger child.  The aquarium was kind of cool, though.

So…that an hour and a half between rides.  Boyfriend D and I were hungry so we decided to wander around the countries looking for lunch.  In Mexico, we stumbled on a mariachi band.
5 - mariachi 2

In Africa, we saw Simba being presented to the wild kingdom for the first time.

6 - simba

Notice all of the flowers?  We coincidentally went to Epcot the same weekend as the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival of 2015.  The grounds were spectacularly colorful, right up my alley.

An intricate train-track network introduced Germany…

7 - german train

…and Romance Boulevard went right through it.

8 - romance boulevard (germany)

France was introduced by Miss Piggy and her Tour de Flours.

9 - Miss Piggy's flowers

29 - Miss Piggy

On the outskirts of Italy we stumbled on Pizzeria Garden, which contained all of pizza’s herbs.

10 - Pizzeria Garden

After Italy, the United States.

11 - US

Japan, with the Epcot entrance golf ball lined up.

13 - Golf Ball from Japan

Boyfriend D and I stopped in Japan for lunch and ordered “Frushi” – a “sushi” roll that had mango, strawberries, and coconut rice that you dunked in whipped cream.  As we ordered our food, we saw the girls on the drums and stopped to listen for a bit.

14 - Japanese drums

We knew we entered England when we saw the English Tea Garden.

16 - Tea Garden

We stumbled on Bambi and Thumper.

17 - Bambi

Flowers on the walk from The Countries to The Seas.

18 - flowers

Trumpet trees.

19 - trumpet trees

Boyfriend D wondered why these yellow trees were called trumpet trees.  I explained the flower looks like the horn (or the bell) of the trumpet and showed it to him from a bloom on the ground that made its way to my ponytail.

21 - trumpet flower in hair


20 - Fantasia

After Soarin’ (85 minute wait without FastPass – thank goodness we had them), which is a helicopter tour of San Francisco, Boyfriend D took me and his parents on the Living With The Land boat ride (20 minute wait without FastPass but the line constantly moved).  Along the wall leading to the ride were quotes about your impact on nature.  This one really struck a chord:

22 - difference

As part of the floral celebration, a tent was set up in the middle of the park that housed a butterfly garden full of flowers that attracted butterflies and a whole bunch of various breeds of butterflies.

23 - butterfly flowers

There was also a display about urban farming/gardening.  I love the modern-rusticness (rustic-modernness?) of the pallet garden and look forward to having one in my backyard someday, regardless of the size of my property.

24 - butterfly flowers

25 - pallet garden

After the rides we walked back to The Countries for dinner at Japan.  From The Land, we spotted the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

26 - Eiffel Tower

Walking through The Countries, we spotted Winnie The Pooh…

27 - Pooh

…Lady and the Tramp…

28 - Lady and the Tramp…and Mater (by the Test Track).

31 - Mater

The sunset and the rays through the clouds were breathtaking.  This is the view from The Countries with the fireworks boats in the lake.30 - sunset on the world

The sun beamed down on Figment’s Imaginarium.

32 - sun beams on Figment

After the family members went back to the hotel, Boyfriend D and I went back to Mexico for some post-dinner margaritas.  He had the savory avocado margarita, which was amazing, and I had the sweet wild passion (fruit) margarita with mango foam on top.  We munched on chips and guacamole to offset some of the alcohol.

33 - margaritas

We used the monorail to get from the hotel to Epcot and back.  On the return walk to the monorail station, the central fountains were all lit up.

34 - fountains

The colors on the golf ball matched the colors of the sunset.

35 - golf ballThe characters welcoming us to Epcot were better in the dark.  That’s Pluto, Goofy, and Mickey from left to right.

36 - Disney

See my Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0’s?  All of the directional signs on the highways of Disney’s grounds were the exact same colors.  Also, Nanos are better CrossFit sneakers than walking sneakers.

0 - Nanos

Just thinking about this weekend makes me exhausted so I am off to bed.

Until next time, Fitters.  What’s your favorite part of Epcot?

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