Final Thoughts on Disney/Epcot

After I posted the pictures from my day in Epcot, I realized I omitted a picture and the superlatives.

The Picture:
Towels rolled into Mickey Mouse ears waiting on the bed when we arrived Friday night.

Mickey Mouse ears

The Superlatives:

Best Shirt Spotted: “I sleep with a different book friend every night”
I think the girls in Book Club should get this shirt made.

Best Dog Spotted: the only live dog we saw in the park wore a PTSD harness
Though I’ve seen seeing eye dogs in person and PTSD dogs in pictures online, this was my first sighting of a PTSD dog in person and it was amazing.  I don’t remember the breed of the dog, but I do remember being surprised that it wasn’t your stereotypical assistance dog (not a shepherd or lab).  I wish I could have taken a picture to share with you.

Most Frustrating Restaurant: Tokyo Dining in Japan
If you are allergic to shellfish, don’t bother eating here.  They fry their shrimp tempura in the same oil they fry all of their other tempuras.  They couldn’t accommodate subbing fish in their rolls and the spicy tuna/salmon was a mix that already had the salmon in it (I stay away from salmon since it makes me ill).  The rest of the food wasn’t even that good.

Most Relaxing Moment: Drinks in Mexico
The walking never ends in Epcot.  We had a warm sunny day that knocked us out.  When we no longer had appointed times for things and Boyfriend D’s family returned to the hotel, Boyfriend D and I went to Mexico for a drink.  He had spoken repeatedly about the avocado margarita that was delicious if you’re into savory drinks.  The passion fruit margarita I had was much sweeter.

Best Part of the Whole Weekend: Warm weather, sun, shorts and t-shirts
I think that says it all.

What are your Disney superlatives?

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