2015’s Goals

Most people set their New Year’s resolutions/goals just before the New Year begins or on New Year’s Day.  I am not “most people”.  I had other posts I needed to write first and I’m all about chronological order.

Before I set my goals, I like looking back on the goals I set the previous year first.  So let’s revisit 2015.


  • Learn how to do my own nails: Nope.  I have colored polish and I purchased a 2-in-1 base coat/top coat and it’s still sealed.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night: Yup.  I make it my business to be in bed by 10 pm on weeknights and do my darnedest to be asleep before 11.  I either set my alarm clock for 6:45 – 7 or not at all and it’s been working.
  • Give myself time in the morning: Not sure.  I have my morning routine: wake up, brush my teeth and do my business, take Finn for a walk, give Finn breakfast, drink 2 cups of water, shower, get dressed, make breakfast (if needed), pack lunch, and go to work.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s “giving myself time in the morning”; but it works.
  • Finn & weekly trips to the dog park: Nope.  We go to the dog park about 2 – 3 times every month.
  • Maintaining an organized house: Nope.  Not to make excuses, but there are only so many hours in a week and I’m only home for even less than that.


Last year I wrote:

  • Own it – Own the person I am at work.  Own the position I want to be in.  Own my accomplishments.  Have internal confidence for a job well done even if the job doesn’t reward it (don’t rely on external forces for confidence).
  • Grow it – I turn 30 this year.  It’s time I turn my department of 1 into a department of more.  Stop taking no and keep pushing, pushing for that bigger department, pushing for that true management position.

I’d rather not address work as some of my co-workers read this blog.  That being said, I will say I need to hang these mantras on a wall in my office that I can see clearly.  As for the department of 1, well, they hired someone to take over that department so I could create a new department.


  • Make time for friends: Yup.  To the point I need to make time for me and learn to say no to said friends.

Must To Do

  • Fence permit: Nope.
  • Organize papers: To a certain extent.  I’ll organize and then a few months later I’ll need to organize again.
  • Bathroom mirror: Nope.

Tell me, dear Fitters, how did you do on your 2015 goals?

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