Last summer I was e-mailing with an old friend from high school that I hadn’t spoken with since graduation.  His Facebook account was hacked, which led him to post a very random “happy birthday” on my wall (it was a number of months after my birthday).  My response helped him figure out his account was hacked while also leading to a conversation via FB messaging that turned into e-mail correspondence.  The communication fizzled pretty quickly at that point; but, one thing stuck with me.  I had sent him a link to the blog and his response was: “I totally checked out / stalked your blog the day that I got your email.  You’re very forthcoming and honest!  I don’t think I could publish a blog and share my innermost thoughts publicly.”

I can’t not be honest here.  I wouldn’t be true to myself if I wrote fiction.  You wouldn’t continue reading past the first sentence.  I think part of what keeps you coming back is my integrity.  Life isn’t perfect or beautiful.  It has its moments, but life is messy.  I’m not going to sugarcoat anything to present a more ideal life.  That’s not me and that’s now what I’m going to write about.

Some of the blogs I read show perfect lives: clean/organized homes with absolutely no mess or sense of being lived in, flawless makeup, poses full of smiles and love, women pushing baby carriages while wearing high heels and fashion-designer-named dresses, people apres-ski with perfectly coiffed hair and no sweat.  As much as I enjoy looking at these pictures for outfit or home design inspiration, my attention quickly fades because life isn’t picture perfect.  I feel that the authors of these blogs are hiding behind the perfection they put forth.

Other blogs I read talk about the messes.  While the authors don’t always go into detail (it’s not really our business and while in the public eye, bloggers do have a right to keep things private), they write things along the lines of “this wasn’t a good week.”  I find blogs like these are much more relatable.  The writing, not just the pictures, holds my attention and keeps me visiting these blogs over and over again.

To keep with the theme of this post, I’ll be truthful and tell you the reason I haven’t written since I posted 2016’s goals back in January.  I received a decent amount of feedback on the handful of posts before that one and then nothing.  Silence.  On a post where I link to a video of myself playing the piano when I never play the piano for other people.  I was taken aback and found myself lacking the motivation to write again.  Why should I continue writing and putting myself out there?  It’s taken me over two months and another trip to the family beach house to get writing again and to decide which to post first, this one or a book club post.  Honesty won.  Next post is book club.

Until next time, dear Fitters.  I’d love to know what keeps you returning to your favorite blogs.

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