Book Club

I’ve done quite a bit of reading since the last Book Club post, whether for book club or for myself.  I do some reading in bed to help me wind down at night and a little on the couch when I can’t put a book down.  I do most of my reading in the bathroom and a bunch on the train when I meet friends in NYC.


  • Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva by Eliza Redgold – book club pick for September – A quick read and absolutely enjoyable read.  A fictional take on the story of Lady Godiva, a mentally and physically strong inspiring woman.  If you’re looking for something quick, light, and sexy, read this one.
  • Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – book club pick for October – I loved this book.  A different take on a love story, the book takes place in the late 1930s in NYC.  The descriptions were so well written, I could see the dresses and smell the meatpacking district.  If you enjoy non-traditional love stories, historical fiction, and well-read novels, read this one.
  • The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – book club pick for November, read in December as the wait list at the library was so long – This is a must read.  One of the best books I’ve read in a long time, it takes place in France during World War II.  We experience the War from the perspective of two non-Jewish sisters, one fighting in the Resistance and one fighting the only way she can from home.  On New Year’s Eve Day, I sat on my couch and read straight from 3 pm to 8:30 pm to finish the book.  When I finished it, I needed a debriefing as this wasn’t reading any ole’ book, but rather reading an experience.
  • Mean Streak by Sandra Brown – book club pick for January – It was difficult reading anything right after The Nightingale.  This was a much lighter mystery slash love story.  If you like light mysteries, read this.
  • The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons – book club pick for February – For the month of love we wanted an epic love story.  This is the first book in the trilogy, which we ended up finishing that month as well.  All 3 books are long, like 800+ pages long, but read very quickly once you get past the first 60 pages of the first one.  The hardest part was keeping up with the different names and nicknames for each character.  Part of book 1 takes place in Leningrad during the Siege of Leningrad during WWII.  I was so involved with the book, that when I needed to go out at night, I was expecting to see snow and dead bodies lining the street the way they did in the story.
  • The Lake House by Kate Morton – book club pick for March – Another mystery that spans the decades and goes back and forth between 1933 and 2003.  The main mystery takes place in 1933 but is solved in the latter year along with other minor mysteries.  I found this book to be very slow and boring and didn’t enjoy it.  (I’m discovering the more hype the book has, the less I like it, with The Nightingale being the exception.)

I’ll save the books for pleasure for another post.

Tell me, Dear Fitters, where do you typically read?  What are you currently reading?  What do you suggest I read next?

5 thoughts on “Book Club

    • Do you cry easily? You’ll want a box of tissues handy, especially for the last 8-10 chapters or so. Also, make sure you have a good chunk of time to sit down and read because you’re not going to want to put the book down. What’s book

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      • Any time! That sounds like an awesome resource! I’ll have to check it out. So far, I’ve been pretty lucky with my library. I sometimes have to wait for a book I want, but it saves me quite a bit of money in the long run.

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