Book Club: The Lowcountry Summer Series

Do you ever read a book and find, for whatever reason, some lines jump out at you?  I had that today reading the prologue and first three chapters of A Lowcountry Wedding by Mary Alice Monroe, the fourth novel in the Lowcountry Summer Series.


The series begins with The Summer Girls, where we are introduced to Marietta Muir, “Mamaw”, grandmother to Dora, Carson, and Harper.  The three girls share the same father, Mamaw’s son, and have different mothers and even more different backgrounds.  Mamaw invites them spend a final summer at Sea Breeze, the Muir family’s home on Sullivan’s Island, SC (now a place on my travel bucket list).  Each girl is trying to find her path, which she does with the help of the other girls, Mamaw, and Mamaw’s dear friend Lucille.  Everyone’s stories continue in The Summer Wind and The Summer’s End.

The four books must be read in order and, I recommend, with no other books between them, lest you forget what happened.  I read a few books after the third and could not wait to get my hands on the fourth to be reunited with Mamaw, Dora, Carson, and Harper.

This isn’t a school book report so I’ll stop rambling.  But first, go read the series.  I promise it’ll be worth your while.

The quotes:

“At the root of all etiquette and manners is kindness.”

“Think of etiquette as a philosophy of living and enjoying life with grace, compassion, and respect for others.”

These first two quotes struck me as a few weeks ago at MJE, we discussed ethic versus etiquette in the ways we act and treat others.  Ethic is doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing while etiquette is doing the right thing because it looks good.  The above statements apply to both ethic and etiquette.

“Be kind, my darling girl.  And be happy!”

This is just good life advice for anyone.

“It’s never too late.  Not to begin again.  Not for happy ever after.”

“This test was different, however.  Passing the real estate exam meant the difference between starting a new career that she loved and trying to support herself and her son on minimum wage.  She placed her fingertips to her temple, feeling the old fear of failure rear up in her heart…”

“She just had to pass this exam.  For once in her life she didn’t want to depend on anyone else or any turn of fate.  She wanted to make it on her own.”

I offer no clarifying thoughts on these last three quotes.

Happy reading!  Have you read the series or anything else by Mary Alice Monroe?  What do you suggest I read next?  Until next time, Fitters…

Disclaimer: I borrowed the books from the library.  These are my personal thoughts.  No one and no company asked me to write about these books.

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