Domestic Projects

My house is a mess.  The kitchen has mail, coupons, dog things, and printed recipes thrown everywhere.  My home office is worse with statements, bills, and magazines in leaning stacks.  (Don’t worry…the bills are all paid.)  The currently unused room, which will be turned into a formal dining room, has become a “storage room” with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s bags, containers of books and odds and ends, lamps that belong in my bedroom, a bicycle with flat tires, and Costco packs of paper towels, toilet paper, and boxes of tissues lying around haphazardly.  Moving upstairs we first enter the bathroom, where bottles and samples of unused products fill the shelves and drawers along with more old magazines.  My bedroom has boxes from J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works strewn about, waiting to be opened, tried on (in the case of clothes), and put away.  Finally, we come to the dressing room, aka the bedroom I turned into a closet because I didn’t (don’t) need 3 bedrooms but I needed a closet.  For a change, there are no clothes on the floor and none on the drying rack.  The problem lies on the shelves where clothes are not folded when they are thrown back.

Which brings us to this post:

Around The House Projects Graphic

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Goals: The 2015 Version

Happy New Year!

I don’t believe in making resolutions; I believe in setting goals.  As M said last year, “resolutions don’t stick; goals do.”  While we’re on the topic of last year: My goal for 2014 was to find love (insert snarky rom-com/Patti Stanger comment here).  Goal accomplished.  In February, Boyfriend D asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been together ever since.

M and I met up on New Year’s Day and spoke about this year’s goals.  Before meeting M, I had come up with a handful of personal goals.  She showed me she breaks up her goals into 4 categories: Personal, Work, Social, and Health.  She also creates a Must To Do list of things that must get done that year.  I added these categories to my goals.

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